PATHWAY linking SeaVista to the Village CBD

Work will begin soon on constructing a paved pathway with lighting and CCTV camera surveillance at critical points along the length of the pathway, linking the Sea Vista Township and the Village CBD.  This route is notoriously dangerous for the pedestrians that use it as it is dark and overgrown providing perfect cover for criminal activity. Stolen goods are often stashed along this servitude. Clearing of the pathway by the Kouga Municipality began in late 2018.  This project is being funded by the Kouga Wind Farm Community Trust under the guidance of the SFPO. We are in the process of appointing an Engineer and Project Manager to oversee the contract. As much of the spend as possible will be directed to the benefit of the township residents and local business.

Chairman of the Sea Vista Sector Police Forum, Peet Leen, and Pastor Andrew Vena of Shekinah Ministries both welcomed the news. “This pathway is the shortest route into town for Sea Vista residents,” they agreed. “However it has always been unsafe for women and children and many people have been attacked and robbed in the past.   This project will help us all in the fight against crime.”


Due to the success of the recycling project over the festive season, and our continued negotiations with the Municipality, finality has nearly been reached for the drop-off site to be continued at the Municipal yard.

A recycling company will soon be appointed to manage the site as well as the land fill site in Humansdorp. The drop-off site is currently open to the public and a person has been employed to assist residents with drop-off. Separating of the waste collected will only be done in Humansdorp. However we encourage all residents using the site to continue to separate their recyclables.

The depot will accept glass, tins, recyclable plastics and paper/cardboard.

All garden refuse must be dropped off in bags and this will be removed by the Municipality on a regular basis.  Garden services can make use of this facility provided their garden refuse is in bags. Anything that is not in bags must be taken through to Humansdorp. It is hoped that this facility will help to reduce the incidences of illegal dumping of garden waste in public open spaces and undeveloped plots. Building rubble cannot be accepted at this depot and must still be taken through to Humansdorp.

We appeal to everyone making use of this site to abide by these simple rules. If the site becomes unmanageable as a result of garden refuse and rubble being dumped we may lose the use the facility.


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