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Port St Francis

 Port St Francis

Port St Francis, constructed in the mid-1990’s to serve the squid (chokka) fleets that had emerged in the early 1980’s to fish for the ‘white gold’ of the ocean is one of few privately owned harbours in South Africa. As the squid industry grew, the use of the Kromme river where the suid boats would launch and return to anchor anchor at night became unsuitable andwith the development of better freezer storage systems it allowed vessels to stay at sea for longer periods thus the benefit for a port was recognised and so construction became a reality.

Today Port St Francis caters not only for the squid and other fishing fleets with their catches of hake and pilchards but also for recreational craft including ski boats and leisure and ocean going yachts. The port also offers a slipway not only used for servicing the fishing boat flees but is also regularly used for launching newly built yachts constructed by a burgeoning yacht building industry.

Surrounding the port and an essential component to the success of Port St Francis are several residential apartments and duplexes including holiday accommodation.

Port St Francis also has a bustling commercial attraction with several restaurants including the aptly named Chokka Block seafood restaurant, 6312 family restaurant, Mauro’s Italian restaurant. and the popular Balobi Seafood Marker and Deli offering fresh local fish catches as well as such delicacies as prawns, crayfish and Norwegian salmon  in addition to takeaways or in-store dining of freshly cooked local fish dishes.

The major industry is the 800m2 Balobi processing factory is on the quay at the Port St Francis Harbour. The Balobi group of companies is a black owned, integrated Fishing Group which process, package and export Squid, Hake, Line fish and Pilchards. All our fish is sold locally and to various destinations around the world. Fish is delivered either fresh or sea frozen where after it is processed and packaged according to our clients needs. Freshly caught long line hake is sent on a 36 hour journey by truck and airplane mostly to Spain. Sea and land frozen squid is sold to all the Mediterranean countries and land frozen finger laid pilchard bait is sold to the tuna long line fleet operating in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.




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