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St Francis Bay


St Francis Bay

The ‘Village’

In a nutshell!

  • A perfect seaside holiday destination with accommodation choices in three, four and five bedroom holiday houses or in a choice of 3, 4 and 5-star guesthouses, bed & breakfast and self catering establishments.
  • Safe bathing on a glorious beach stretching miles along the shore of the warm Indian Ocean.
  • All your grocery and other shopping requirement close at hand including a well stocked Superspar, two bottle stores, a 7-day a week bakery, a butcher and a selection of clothing and specialty shops, health and beauty boutiques and hairdressers. .
  • A wide choice of restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy.
  • First National and Standard Bank sub-branches and ATM’ of mot of the South African banks availble.
  • An 18-hole golf course that winds through the village.
  • The residential suburb of Santareme lies to the south of St Francis Bay village and is one of the view places on the South African coatline that offers north facing views over the sea.

More on St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay is the nucleus of the greater St Francis region stretching from the Kromme river north of St Francis Bay down the coast to the Port at Port St Francis. A rather unique feature of St Francis Bay is that an 18-hole golf course, affectionately referred to as the “Old Course” lies within the boundaries of the town with homes and even one of the shopping centre’s bordering on the course and laid out on both sides of the main road, St Francis Drive which runs the through the entire length of the town through to the port. It is not unusual to stop and allow golfers to cross the road to continue their game.

Central to the town, generally referred to by locals as ‘the Village’, is the business districts comprising shops and commercial businesses. The ‘village centre’ has a selection of retail outlets including two shopping centres  one of which is an excellent SuperSpar where you will find all your grocery need when staying in St Francis, a TOPS bottle store, gift, book and surf shops as well as a travel agency. The second shopping centre, the Rhapsody Centre offers a selection of clothing, surf and interior decor shops as well as a bakery, butchery, gym. This centre also has both a First National and Standard Bank with ATM’s , A choice of coffee shops and restaurants  are available both in the bigger shopping centres and at the smaller centres within the village.

In keeping  the traditional architectural style of the houses and even business buildings, both on the beachfront and within the village, all conform to the original architectural style of thatched roofs with white painted walls that is synonymous with the quaint St Francis Bay’s ‘picture book’ look it has become famous for. Whilst thatched rooves still predominate, some property owners have converted to more conventional black tile or shingled roofs but all the white painted walls.

As a holiday destination St Francis Bay also has a lot to offer and the beach is in easy walking distance from most houses that are available for holiday rental. In addition to holiday home rentals there is a choice of three, four and five star guest houses, bed & breakfast and self catering establishments to choose from.

No beach holiday would be complete without the beach and the St Francis Bay beach stretches miles northwards from Bruce’s Beauties and Granny’s Pool off Santareme to the mouth of the Kromme River offering excellent and safe bathing in the warm Indian ocean. Surfing is possibly the major sporting attraction and activity as the cost enjoys a westerly breeze / wind most days of the year. Summer sees hobie-cat sailors, stand up paddle boarders (SUP’s) and kite surfers enjoying the sea off the coastline.


Leaving St Francis Bay village travelling southwards, one climbs out of the Kromme River valley to Santareme, a newer residential suburb where the white wall thatch houses of the village are replaced with Tuscan styled architecture. What sets Santareme apart from almost every coastal settlement along the South African coastline are the magnificent north facing views across the ocean. Many of the views encompass the village of St Francis Bay and the canals in the distance, the entire bay, onwards to Paradise Beach, Jeffreys Bay and the wide expanse of the Indian Ocean. Many have taken advantage of this spectacular north facing panoramic view when planning their homes whilst other have chosen the more open views of the ocean facing due east taking in the open seas of the Indian Ocean with spectacular sunrises.

Santareme has no commercial zone and is purely a residential suburb offering a tranquil lifestyle. With the village being in such close proximity all the services you may require are available in the village a short drive away.

Sandals on the beach at St Francis Bay