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St Francis Bay Canals

St Francis Bay Canals

The St Francis Bay Canals and Kromme river offer exceptional waterfront residential properties not only as a secure investment but also for an outstanding lifestyle. Whether looking for a permanent residence or a holiday home, St Francis Bay Canals offers outstanding investment opportunities on one of South Africa’s premier waterways.

Discover the Canals of St Francis Bay with over 500 homes bordering on 10km of Canals with access to the beach, ocean and the Kromme River. This unique environment offers an exclusive lifestyle for boating enthusiasts, bird watchers and those looking for a tranquil lifestyle. Combined with the unparalleled beauty and tranquility of waterways and the beautiful Eastern Cape coastline there is nowhere quite like the St Francis Bay Canals.

For holiday makers looking for that ‘dream holiday’ on the waters edge the St Francis Canals ha everything to offer. With many of the 500 exquisite homes on the canals available for holiday rental throughout the year, the canals should number one on your list of the most desirable coastal holiday destinations to spend your next holiday and from then on, the only destination on your list.

Living or holidaying on the St Francis Bay Canals

  • Take a scenic cruise around the Canals and visit one of three excellent restaurants by boat.
  • Rent a self-drive boat for a day out on the River with the opportunity to indulge in a little fishing or relax and view our diverse bird life including the resident flock of flamingos.
  • For the more adventurous why not try activities such as safe Open Water Swimming in the Canals, Water Skiing on the Kromme River, Kite Surfing in the River mouth and Paddling in all its forms, Canoe, Surf-ski and Stand Up Paddle Boards. The possibilities are endless.
  • A stone’s throw away from the St Francis Bay village, known for its white painted thatched houses, where all the shops and amenities that one would expect from a holiday destination are available.

Meticulously cared for by the St Francis Bay Riparian Home Owners Association, the canals are regularly dredged and strictly enforced laws ensure that boaters do no disturb the tranquility that this rather unique lifestyle offers.

Property Investment – A few undeveloped waterfront front properties are still available on both the Kromme river and on the canals and most of the local Real Estate agencies can assist you in securing your own home on the St Francis Bay Canals or Kromme River..

Stand Up Paddling, a popular pasttime om the St Francis Bay Canals