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Cape St Francis

Cape St Francis

The second most southerly point of the African continent, Cape St Francis with its iconic and  historic Seal Point Lighthouse, the tallest masonry constructed lighthouse in South Africa. Standing at metres and built in 1874 the Seal Point Lighthouse is about to re-open after a major refurbishment and will soon again be hosting lighthouse tours.

Cape St Francis boasts one of the finest beaches on the South African coastline. Stretching some 2 kilometres from Seal Point to the rocky outcrop at Shark point, Cape St Francis beach is a wide sandy beach with excellent bathing. World known for the popular surfing break off Seal Point there is little wonder that surfers from around the world visit Cape St Francis throughout the year. With the prevailing winds being predominately offshore the Seal Point break ‘works‘ throughout the year.

Great care has been taken along the beachfront not to disturb the coastal sand dune environment and the many houses that line the beach have been built to preserve these sand dunes that line the beach. The summer holidays see visitors and locals alike, flocking to this beautiful stretch of beach but so vast is the expanse of sand that it seldom, if ever, appears crowded. Washed by the warm currents of the Indian Ocean bathing is popular throughout the year although occasional wind patterns changes do cause water temperatures to drop.

As with all of St Francis, Cape St Francis has much to offer the holidaymaker. Several of the houses are available for holiday rentals throughout the year with the renowned Cape St Francis Resort  offering a wide range of accommodation from backpackers to 1, 2, 3 bedroom cottages to 4 and 5 bedroom luxury beach villas including both bed and breakfast and self catering options.  In addition to the resort there are also several bed & breakfast and self catering establishments to choose from.

Cocktails on the beach at Cape St Francis