Season Roundup

It was an awesome season in St Francis, and although there were a few complaints and problems as there always will be in a somewhat congested and busy time like the summer holidays, on the whole it can be acknowledged that the season was wonderful. The volume of music was bearable, the attitude of the many visitors was relaxed and cool, and the streets were safe.

We started off the season with the St Francis Property Owners AGM and other meetings on 17th December at The Links.

Meeting 1: Forward Santareme 2020

The first meeting was an informal meeting led by David Harpur to get the homeowners and property owners from Santareme together to discuss the best plan going forward in a bid to clean up and secure the area. For the purposes of the meeting, ‘Santareme’ was used to describe the areas including Santareme, St Francis-On-Sea, The Port and Otters Landing.

The main conversation points in the discussion were security and cameras, plot clearing, road repairs and the possibility of a Special Rates Area. On the whole it was a great gathering, with the majority of people in attendance all wanting to see something positive happen in their area, so that they could also see the area made more secure, verges and roads looked after, and their properties enhanced. Much optimism emerged from this get-together.   

Meeting 2: St Francis Property Owners Association AGM

The second assembly of the day was a well-attended meeting, with many home-owning visitors making the effort to attend and listen to the details of the successfully implemented projects, as well as the financials for the year. There were a few comments from the floor, being pertinent criticism and valuable input from property owners, and a general feeling of appreciation for the committee, as well as one of relief that many things were being looked after. The meeting was deemed a great success.

Meeting 3: St Francis Property Owners Non Profit Company AGM.

The final meeting of the day turned out to be a fairly boisterous affair. The chairman’s report was well received from the overwhelming majority, and the good work, being the entrance circle, the CCTV cameras and security, the Sea Vista Pathway project that was funded by the Kouga Wind Farm, the recycling depot, and the car park build in George Road was acknowledged and appreciated.

Before the chairman could quite finish however, there was a speaker from the floor who had his chance on the stage to clearly state his take on the entire SRA project.

At the end of the day however, there was an overwhelming support of the SRA committee and members put their faith back in the board for another year as they go ahead and tackle the spit and beach replenishment program. 

Selected Notes from the St Francis Bay Riparian Home Owners Association AGM

It was a busy year-end on the Canals and on the Kromme River, and herewith some of the pertinent points coming from the Riparian AGM


Congestion in the channel from ski canal to the river mouth and control of jet skis in the river mouth.

There were at least 2 serious accidents in this area over the season and many complaints of reckless behaviour and severe congestion between boats, jet skis, kite boarders and wind surfers.

Although this area can be seen as part of the River we will be working closely with the KJRC to come up with solutions for the holiday times which include public holidays, school holidays, Easter and December.


There have been many events on the canals during the year but one event which highlighted the uniqueness of the family orientated canals was the Flash Float with an attendance of over 3000 people. We congratulate the organisers and fully support this event and hope that it will continue next December/January.

Law Enforcement

This season we had two qualified Law enforcement officers patrolling the canals. Generally behaviour on the canals was good, including on the 31st December. 

St Francis Bay Sewage

At a recent meeting with the Kouga Municipal Manager, the St Francis Bay and the Canal sewage problem was brought up. It was acknowledged in the meeting that a solution needs to be found, and KM will endeavour to resolve the issues. 

Kromme River

Compliments must go to The Kromme Joint River Committee who have done an excellent job in marking out the river channels with buoys and improving the signage along the river.

SFPO Association Membership and Renewal

Our membership runs from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020. This is a voluntary membership and we hope we can rely on your support going forward.

The SFPO Association represents all of St Francis Bay. Our subs rate is R500 per annum, or R330 for pensioners.

All details can be found here –