River, Spit and Beach Update

EOH, trading as Coastal and Environmental Services (CES), commenced with the necessary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the long term beach protection project. They have attended the public meeting held on 20 December where they reported on progress and answered questions.

Sand samples were extracted by CES at various places along the Kromme River to test whether the sand in these areas will be suitable to be used for nourishment of the St Francis Bay beach.

CES is currently busy with specialist assessments and they are compiling the Draft Scoping Report, which will soon be available for public review. In addition to identifying issues, this report will also provide a preliminary assessment of the impacts of these issues, based upon baseline information, which provides a very useful source of information. The report will also provide Terms of Reference (ToR) for the EIA phase, identifying the issues that need to be addressed in the Environmental Impact Report. The Draft Scoping Report, when ready, will be made available for review on the CES web-site and in a local (St Francis Bay) public location.

A Draft Scoping Public Meeting will be held where the report will be presented and public feedback will be obtained.

It is still expected that the EIA process will be completed by November 2019, and the installation of infrasture is scheduled to commence early 2020.

Bush Clearing and Fire Risk

The fires in December demonstrated yet again our vulnerability to fire. The overgrown bush on many undeveloped plots, public open space (Municipal) and Government owned land represent a significant fire threat to our town. You need to be aware that the property owner on whose land a fire starts, is directly responsible for the consequences and costs of any damage to surrounding properties. 

The SFPO conducted a survey a year ago and found that 458 undeveloped plots were overgrown and present a fire risk. We handed this list over to the Municipality for action. However, the Municipality is not allowed to move onto a privately owned piece of land and clear without the permission of the owner. In addition, the Municipality has limited bush clearing resources, which is focussed entirely on Municipal owned land. It is really the responsibility of each property owner to keep his land clear and ensure his own property is not a fire risk to others. We have also requested the Municipality to prioritise clearing Municipal and other Government owned properties.

All overgrown plots  need to be cleared as a matter of urgency. If you own one of these overgrown plots and require assistance in contacting suitable contractors, please call our office on 042 294 0594. 

SRA Levy Relief Fund

The SRA Levy relief fund is operational, funded through the generosity of donors. The review panel has processed several applications. Our sincere thanks are extended to those who have generously donated to this fund. Both applicants and potential donors should contact our office at 042 294 0594 or contact@sfbresidents.org for more information.

SFPO Association Membership Renewal

Our membership runs from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019. This is a voluntary membership and we hope we can rely on your support for the next year.

The SFPO Association represents all of St Francis Bay.

Our subscription fee is R500 per annum or R330 for pensioners. 

Pay Online at    https://stfrancispropertyowners.co.za/membership/

Or by EFT to our bank account or in cash at our office.

Banking details are:

St Francis Bay Residents Association    
Standard Bank Humansdorp   
Bank Code:  050015                     
Account No.:  08 249 9276

Please quote your name and Erf. No. as reference

To report any issues with Municipal services either download the “Link” app and select Kouga Municipality Ward 12 or call the Call Centre on 042 200 2200.

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