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Non Profit Company – St Francis Property Owners –

The St Francis Property Owners Non Profit Company was formed in early 2016 following the Annual General Meeting held in December 2015 when a well attended residents meeting showed almost unanimous support for the formation of a non-profit company to oversee the “Saving St Francis” initiative.

After months of investigation and consultation with a wide selection of service providers to establish a more educated analysis of costs, the directors of the non-profit company held a series of presentation ‘road shows’ in Johannesburg, St Francis and Port Elizabeth.

Here is a text reproduction of the video presentation .

July 2016

  • –Why, What and How?
  • –Progress To-Date
  • –Master Plans
  • –Cost Summary
  • –Funding Requirements
  • –Your Property, Your Village, Your Investment

Why, What and How?

  • –Progress To-Date
  • –Master Plans
  • –Cost Summary
  • –Funding Requirements
  • –Your Property, Your Village, Your Investment


  • St Francis Infrastructure is disintegrating
  • The town is under-funded
  • One of lowest property rates in SA (0.68)
  • 90% of properties pay Water & Electricity for 1 month of the year
  • KM is financially very weak eg. budget for road maintenance allows re-surfacing to be done once in 42 years instead of every 8 years!
  • –3,500 properties in Greater St Francis
  • –40 Private Estates, but these property owners use our arterial roads, stormwater drains, river, spit and beach. Provide their own access roads, stormwater drains and sewerage
  • –2,150 properties outside these estates in St Francis Bay alone
  • –Vista township, Industrial sites and Cape St Francis

We have three options :

  • Make things happen
  • Watch what happens
  • Wonder what happened

We chose at our AGM on 17th December 2015 to make things happen!

  • We decided to invest in our infrastructure to protect and enhance our property investment


What do we need to do to Restore and Maintain our Infrastructure

  • River
  • Spit
  • Beach
  • Roads
  • Stormwater Drains
  • Sewerage


  • Re-focus the SFB Residents Association to St Francis Property Owners (SFPO)
  • Set up an NPC to manage finances transparently, and restore and maintain our infrastructure
  • Involve talented and experienced leadership to oversee this work
  • Build a positive and cooperative relationship with the KM
  • –Raise the necessary funds from Property Investors and other potential sources
  • –Get a commitment from KM to contribute in cash and kind (materials, office space, equipment, know-how, etc)
  • –Organise Property Investors into Street Committees to assist with localising the infrastructure upgrade for roads and sewerage

Progress To Date?

  • Final Basic Assessment Report (FBAR) approved by DEDEAT
  • Amendments to FBAR submitted to DEDEAT
  • MOU allowing NPC to manage Spit and Beach projects on KM’s behalf with KM’s lawyer
  • KM Council still to approve MOU before sending it to DEDEAT for final approval
  • –Fund Raising started with 12 x R150k donations collected in April-June period
  • –Additional smaller donations received in cash and kind
  • –Funds committed to 😮 EASPE for Arterial Road Survey (R82k)
      • o Project Manager
      • o New Website (R10k)
      • –New website for SFPO and NPC launching soon
  • –New website for SFPO and NPC launching soon
  • –Master Plans drawn up for Roads, Stormwater Drains, Sewerage, and Phase 1 Beach and Spit repairs
  • –Master Plans for Roads and Sewerage based on plans received from EASPE and Aurecon respectively
  • –Costs calculated for each Master Plan
  • Worley Parsons report approved by KM Council. Phase 2 can proceed
  • Advice given on structuring the EIA and Engineering solution for Phase 2 of the River, Spit and Beach restoration (long-term solution)
  • –Work has started on the new Sand River bridge, with completion in 15 months
  • –Dune Ponds tender awarded, awaiting permission to cross KM land
  • –Expansion of Waste Treatment Plant in KM’s IDP budget (R25m)
  • –Joint River Committee will take over the management of the river and collect all boat licence revenue for the river. NPC will provide management capability to the JRC
  • –Relationship with KM (Municipality) improving
  • –Discussed NPC’s responsibility for Infrastructure restoration and maintenance with KM’s MM, CFO, Directors Social Services and Technical Services – all are supportive of MOUs and possible SRA (levy) arrangement
  • –No further KM Council approval until after August 3 elections


  1. River, Spit & BeachPhase 1 : Revetment Repairs
    Phase 2 : Beach Restoration
  1. Roads
  2. Stormwater Drains
  3. Sewerage

River, Spit  & Beach

  • –Owners will repair the revetments protecting their properties
  • –Public Open Space will be repaired by KM and/or broader St Francis Property Owners contributions
  • Phase 1 :   Beach Revetments –   Saving Properties
    • Authorisation includes approval of appointment of all professionals and contractors involved ie ECO, Land Surveyor, Engineer, Rehabilitation Expert, and a suitably qualified Contractor
    • Repairs will be approved and phased on a zone by zone basis

Alternatively :

  • We have submitted an amendment to DEDEAT to allow the repair of vulnerable sections of the Spit by using sandbags and dredging from the Canals
  • Repair the existing section of revetments on the Spit
  • Focus on Phase 2 as a matter of urgency
  • Phase 2 : Beach Restoration
  • Longer term solution : restoring the Beach by moving sand from the River to the Beach and Spit, and holding it on the Beach
  • Various solutions offered by Worley Parsons
  • Benefits : de-silting the river, restoring the beach along its full length, re-instating the Spit’s protection of the Canals
  • Step 1 : Determine a viable long term solution from an engineering, environmental and costing perspective.
  • For example, dredge the sand from the River onto the Beach and Spit, and build Groynes to hold the sand on the Beach, Spit and in the Bay
  • Step 2 : Implement solution

Arterial Roads

  • –Arterial roads will be repaired and restored using NPC donations. EASPE is currently doing a classification of these roads to determine costs.
  • –Arterial Roads include St Francis Drive, Lyme Roads North and South and Tarragona Road
  • –Sea Vista Township Roads

–Secondary Roads will be repaired on the request of “Street Committees”

  • –Secondary Roads include  Arthur Lane, portions of Sunset Drive, etc

Street Committees

  • Street Committees will choose the type of road surface they wish to pay for eg paving, slurry, cape seal, etc
  • The NPC will organise and manage each Street re-surfacing project
  • The NPC will provide a pothole repair team to maintain all roads
  • BEE company with SETA bursaries to repair roads, maintain stormwater drains, manufacture paving bricks, etc.

Road Surface Examples

Stormwater Drains

  • –Labour team recruited locally to clear all Stormwater Drains across St Francis
  • –Priority areas will be high risk flooding areas, and those roads to be re-surfaced/repaired
  • –Anticipate a 6-12 month project to find and clear all Stormwater Drains
  • –Identification of additional Stormwater Drains will be made as part of road surveys

stormwater drain issues

Waterborne Sewage

  • Water-born sewerage services 25% of properties
  • Conservancy tanks service 75% of properties
  • Aurecon have a full set of plans for the conversion of Conservancy tanks to Water-born sewerage for St Francis


Cost Breakdown Estimated Cost

(in R millions)

1 Spit & Beach Repairs: Phase 1 21.1
Between Grand Canal North & South – Section B: 337m 4.9
Between Grand Canal North and Mouth of Kromme River 14.9
Public Open Spaces (Anne Avenue Car Park) 1.3
2 River, Spit & Beach: Phase 2 1.0
Engineering Solution & EIA 1.0
3 Arterial Road Upgrades 16.8
> Phase 1:  Lyme Road North & South and section of St Francis Drive 6.3
> Phase 2:  Remaining St Francis Drive & Tarragona Drive 10.5
4 Stormwater Drain Repairs 0.8
Total Cost  R39,7m

Sewage Cost Summary

St Francis Bay Sewerage Reticulation
First order Cost Estimate for Waterborne Sanitation
Area No of erven Unit cost
per erf
Cost per zone
Canal area 146  R 66,150  R     9,657,900
Canals (Grand Comore/Aldabara Run to
Assissi Drive)
457  R 66,150  R   30,230,550
Assissi Drive to Harbour Road 169  R 66,150  R   11,179,350
Harbour Road to Romozini Drive 370  R 66,150  R   24,475,500
Romazini to Leighton Hulett Drive 250  R 66,150  R   16,537,500
Leighton Hulett Drive to Cockle close 220  R 66,150  R   14,553,000
Total 1612    R 106,633,800



Funds required :        R39.7m

  • Including :
  • oSpit/Beach POS revetment repairs
  • o River/Spit/Beach Phase 2 (ES & EIA)
  • o Arterial Roads
  • oStormwater Drains
  • Excluding :
  • oPrivate property Beach revetment repairs
  • oRiver/Spit/Beach Phase 2 Solution Implementation
  • oStreet spend on Roads and Sewerage

Your Property, Your Village, Your Investment

  • Property value = R4m
  • Rates = R25k pa
  • 10% reduction in value due to deteriorating infrastructure = R400k
  • Investment of R100k in infrastructure
  • Avoid loss and value (10%), earn improved value (15%) = 10 X return on your investment over 5 years!
  • –We think St Francis is under-funded by some R35m pa
  • –KM would use this money elsewhere if we paid them more
  • –We are tired of being victims of poor KM management
  • –Let’s raise and spend our own money how we see fit!

–What should each Property Owner Invest?

  • –Determined by the value of the property
  • –A multiple of property rates
  • –Pay the donation upfront, or monthly
  • –The donation is required to “restore” the infrastructure
  • –The SRA levy is required to “maintain” the restored infrastructure
  • –An investment of R50k per property on average (2 x annual rates) would raise R50m-100m, assuming 1,000-2,000 property owners invested
  • –This donation could be paid once-off or on a monthly basis spread over 12 to 24 months
  • –We know some property owners cannot afford this, but many property owners can

Bank Details:

Standard Bank
Account Details: 300 136 862
Branch Code: 050 015
Reference to use: Name & ERF Number(s)

Please email bank proof of payment to contact@sfbresidents.org