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Street Committees

Street Committees

The task of identifying and then managing all the work that needs to be undertaken on the many streets, avenues, circles and lanes that make up the St Francis region needs the participation of the property owners. To assist with the mammoth task St Francis Property Owners Association (SFPOA) is encouraging property owners, and indeed all residents, to take a personal interest in their little piece of St Francis and form, with their neighbours, small street committees that meet and detail the improvements that they consider priorities and suggested remedies for their neighbourhood. These details can then be submitted to the “Saving St Francis ” (NPC) Where Greg Miller, who has been appointed as Project Manager, can place such information on record so as to co-ordinate planning.

Obviously it is not possible for all work to be undertaken simultaneously but by submitting information and suggestions to the project manager your street will become part of the project sooner rather than later.

  • Street Committees will choose the type of road surface they wish to pay for eg paving, slurry, cape seal, etc
  • The NPC will organise and manage each Street re-surfacing project
  • The NPC will provide a pothole repair team to maintain all roads
  • A BEE company will be formed offering SETA bursaries to repair roads, maintain stormwater drains, manufacture paving bricks, etc.


Road surface examples