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River, Spit & Beach

St Francis Property Owners have submitted an amendment to DEDEAT to allow the repair of vulnerable sections of the Spit by using sandbags and dredging from the Canals

Whilst owners are required to repair the revetments protecting their properties, the –Public Open Spaces will be repaired by Kouga Municipality and/or broader St Francis Property Owners contributions

  • Phase 1 :   Beach Revetments –   Saving Properties
    • Authorisation includes approval of appointment of all professionals and contractors involved ie ECO, Land Surveyor, Engineer, Rehabilitation Expert, and a suitably qualified Contractor
    • Repairs will be approved and phased on a zone by zone basis
    • Repair the existing section of revetments on the Spit
    • Focus on Phase 2 as a matter of urgency
  • Phase 2 : Beach Restoration
    • Longer term solution : restoring the Beach by moving sand from the River to the Beach and Spit, and holding it on the Beach
    • Various solutions offered by Worley Parsons
    • Benefits : de-silting the river, restoring the beach along its full length, re-instating the Spit’s protection of the Canals
    • Step 1 : Determine a viable long term solution from an engineering, environmental and costing perspective.
    • For example, dredge the sand from the River onto the Beach and Spit, and build Groynes to hold the sand on the Beach, Spit and in the Bay
    • Step 2 : Implement solution