Roads (SRA Project) –

The work on the upgrade of the village entrance at the traffic circle on the R330 continues on schedule and will be completed in time for the Easter holiday influx. Upgrades include the entrance road as well as short sections of Lyme Road North and Lyme Road South as well as drop-off embayments on the R330. This first phase is to be followed by upgrades of the various intersections and St Francis Drive in the village centre over the next few years.

Some queries have been received in regard to the clearing of the properties adjacent to these works. These are private properties and the owner has cleared these in response to complaints from neighbouring residents regarding the fire risk posed by overgrown alien vegetation on these properties. Furthermore, there is absolutely no intention to develop a taxi rank in this area. The development of a formal taxi rank is envisaged within Sea Vista in the near future and discussions are underway with the Kouga Municipality in this regard.


Sea Vista Pathway (SRA Project funded by Kouga Wind Farm)

The Sea Vista Pathway project forms part of the overall plan to provide efficient and safe connectivity for all of our residents. This pathway runs from the service station in the village up to the industrial area and will provide a safe all weather link. The pathway will be cleared and paved, and will have both lighting and CCTV camera coverage. The Kouga Wind Farm Community Trust is paying for this upgrade.

River, Spit and Beach Update (SRA Project)

Meanwhile, our environmental consultant CES arranged a pre-application meeting with the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT). The meeting was also attended by Kouga Local Municipality and ourselves. At the meeting DEDEAT recommended that a pre-application Scoping Phase be carried out.

CES prepared the Draft Scoping Report which will soon be available for public review. Details regarding the availability of the report and the public consultation process that will be followed during the pre-application Scoping Phase will be disseminated by CES.

SRA Levy Relief Fund

The SRA Levy relief fund is operational, funded through the generosity of donors. The review panel has processed several applications. Our sincere thanks are extended to those who have generously donated to this fund. Both applicants and potential donors should contact the review panel on  for more information.

SFPO Association Membership Renewal

Membership runs from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019. This is a voluntary membership and we hope we can rely on your support for the next year.

The SFPO Association represents all of St Francis Bay.

Our subscription fee is R500 per annum or R330 for pensioners. 

Pay Online at

Or by EFT to our bank account or in cash at our office.

Banking details are:

St Francis Bay Residents Association    
Standard Bank Humansdorp
Bank Code:  050015
Account No.:  08 249 9276

Please quote your name and Erf. No. as reference.

To report any issues with Municipal services either download the “Link” app and select Kouga Municipality Ward 12 or call the Call Centre on 042 200 2200