The restoration of our river, spit and beach remains our top priority.

Our agreement with the Municipality still stands under which it will focus on the short term protection of the spit, whilst we focus on the long term solution. We have initially appointed Advisian to design the long term coastal protection and sand retention structures. To ensure that we attain an integrated approach we expanded Advisian’s scope of work to prepare a preliminary design of revetment structures for the spit area. The result is a design that integrates the relationship between the groyne field, beach nourishment and the spit revetment.

As reported in our previous newsletter, we have appointed EOH Coastal & Environmental Services to undertake the necessary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the long term beach protection project. EOH is a respected environmental consultancy with a 25 year track record. They have commenced working on the project. EOH will attend the public meeting on 20 December to report on progress and answer questions.

The EIA process is expected to be completed within approximately 12 months, and the installation of infrasture is scheduled to commence early 2020.

A part of EOH’s assignment is to identify and quantify suitable sand sources for beach nourishment and to obtain environmental authorisation and any other permits required to utilise these sources. The Kromme River was previously identified as a potential source of sand. Since then the build-up of sand in the Kromme River increasingly affected the navigability of the river. Restoring the navigability of the river also specifically forms part of the sand sourcing investigation.