The restoration of our river, spit and beach remains our top priority. Given the difficulties we have had in getting the necessary authorisations from DEDEAT to complete emergency repairs on the Spit, and the wasteful and disrespectful manner in which we have been treated by DEDEAT, we issued an RFP to whom we considered the dominant Environmental Consulting organisations in the Eastern Cape.  This RFP was for the completion of the EIA for Phase 2. We received 3 bids for this work. We have appointed EOH to complete this EIA, and they will start shortly. We also agreed with the Municipality that it would focus on looking at the short term protection of the Spit while we focus on the long term solution (Phase 2).
You might recall that Advisian completed the preliminary engineering design for Phase 2 earlier this year. We have re-engaged with Advisian and they will start work on the detailed design of the long term solution. Advisian and EOH will need to work together to complete the long term solution submission to DEDEAT. This process is expected to take 12-16 months, depending on how quickly DEDEAT are willing to process our application once it is submitted.