Our St Francis community has been subjected to yet another devastating fire that has destroyed 11 houses and damaged several others in Lyme Road North and Peter Road. Once again the fire was started by a senseless and careless act, as were our two previous fires in 2016 and 2018, resulting in unacceptable losses to some of our property owners. The SAPS, Municipality, security companies, the SFPO and community members are all cooperating to identify the perpetrators of this fire and bring them to justice

The SFPO Association Committee and SFPO NPC Board offer our heartfelt sympathy and support to all those residents and property owners who have lost their homes, and in some cases their life history, in this fire…….it is heartbreaking.

We thank the Kouga Municipality’s fire services, the SF DVG (St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group), the SAPS, the Security companies and many individuals who found ways to help, for their effort in combatting the fire. We lost 11 houses, but this group saved many more houses for which we are very grateful.

We face an ongoing problem that many property owners ignore repeated requests and notifications to clear overgrown and alien bush from their properties across the whole of St Francis. We gave the Municipality a list of some 500 overgrown plots in St Francis two years ago. We have urged the Municipality to take the gloves off and take legal action. Clearly it is a massive challenge to do this on the scale required, but it needs to be done. We must find a way to mobilise the resources required to work with the Municipality to deal with this problem decisively and urgently, if we are going to reduce the threat of fires to St Francis.