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St Francis Property Owners Association (SFPO Proposed Levy Assistance

The SFPO is aware that there are some property owners that may not be able to afford to pay the additional 25% levy on their municipal rates.  With this in mind the SFPO wishes to be proactive in establishing a means of assistance to those who qualify for .levy assistance.

The SFPO, after extensive consultation with various interested parties, is of the opinion that the Church would be the most trusted avenue for this.

  • Property owners have to pay the SRA levy as it appears on their municipal account from 1st July 2018.
  • This means test has been devised to enable owners to determine if they qualify for assistance.
  • If a property owner wishes to apply for the assistance the means test documentation must first be completed by the owner for self-determination. It is recommended that the owner uses an accredited Financial Planner to assist with preparing the application.
  • If the means test confirms that they are able to apply for assistance the documentation as per the attached list is to be forwarded to a panel consisting of a member of the Church EXCO, a delegate from the Rotarians and a delegate from the SFPO. The email address for the panel is levyrelief@sfpo.co.za.
  • All information required for the assistance will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will be known only to the panel.
  • If the panel confirms the means test then the SRA levy amount will be paid to the owner’s municipal account on a monthly basis.
  • The assistance will have to be re-applied for on an annual basis.
  • The funds will be generated by the SFPO and other parties through donations and fund raising. No assistance can be paid out of the 25% rates levy fund.
  • Assistance will only be given when funds are available.
  • Sources of funding – donations; fund raising events e.g. golf days.
  • A Trust will be established to be administered by Trustees appointed from the Church, SFPO and Rotarians. The Trust will only be able to utilise the funds for the SRA rates assistance. Trustees can be contacted on levyrelief@sfpo.co.za.

  • Supporting documentation required :
    • 3 months bank statements on all accounts
    • Proof of investments and interest received
    • Proof of income per household
    • Proof of any other income
    • Proof of private pension, lump sum, provident fund and annuity
    • Valuation of property and bond outstanding
    • Affidavit to how you support yourself.
    • Latest Municipal account
    • Copy of ID or Passport

Levy Relief Application

Download Documentation for SFPO Levy Assistance