October News

SFPO October 2017 Newsletter

Greetings to all St Francis Property Owners. We have finally had feedback from Kouga Municipality’s legal advisors and will be organising a series of public meetings to explain the way forward. The Municipality does have both the SRA By-Law and Rates Policy in place. They have decided to update both the SRA By-Law and the Policy to give more detailed guidelines to the establishment of SRA s in the Kouga Region. It is also clear that the type of exemptions we had requested will not be possible and so we will re-consider both the demarcated area of our SRA application and the levy % given its relatively onerous nature on some of our property owners. We will be simplifying our SRA application and will re-submit it once we have been through the consultation process with the community.

We continue to make progress with those projects funded through both the SFPO NPC (from Saving St Francis donations) and the SFPO Association (from membership subscriptions).

SFPO NPC Projects (funded from donations) :

  1. Phase 1 of the Beach Revetment Repair

All of the private property revetment repair projects have been completed with the exception of Ralph Road. We have almost completed the Anne Avenue Car Park project, and are waiting for the Municipality to slurry the car park surface.

We will start work on the George Road car park once the Ralph Road revetment repairs are completed.

  1. Phase 2 of River, Spit and Beach

This project includes three parallel streams of work :

  • Advisian are working on the selection and design of the long term solution for the restoration of our River, Spit and Beach (Phase 2A).
  • Greg Miller is working on identifying alternative sources of sand for the Advisian solution.
  • Colleen Ebersohn is working on the EIA requirements for both the long term solution and the sourcing of sand.

Arterial Roads

EAS PE have submitted their final design report for the first phase of the arterial roads. We will discuss this with Kouga Municipality, but we cannot do any further work on the roads unless the SRA levy is approved and implemented.

  1. CCTV Security

We have issued the RFI and evaluated the responses we received from 10 parties. We have completed our evaluation of these submissions, and selected a shortlist of tenderers to whom we will send a more detailed RFP document for firm quotations for the CCTV infrastructure and service we require for St Francis Bay. We expect the responses to be submitted in late November.

SFPO Association Projects (funded from membership subscriptions) :

  1. Village Common (ERVEN 400 and 554)

We have received input from several groups on how we could use the Village Common, including sports fields, Saturday/weekend market, a Church, a Pet’s wall of remembrance, indigenous gardens and park land, and a venue for events such as music concerts.

  1. Cricket Nets

We have started our first Village Common upgrade project. We have started work on upgrading the cricket nets on the Assissi Drive side of the Village Common, and expect to complete this work by the end of October. Thank you to all those who kindly donated money and building resources to make this happen. These nets are used by aspiring young cricketers from St Francis College, Sea Vista School and Woodridge under the tutelage of a professional coach, Ralton Fortuin of the Kouga Cricket Academy. We will also be providing some cricket equipment for the Sea Vista School pupils using the cricket nets.

 Sand River Bridge Progress

Phase 1 of the construction of the bridge over the Sand River is complete and Phase 2 has now begun and the first section is open to traffic. Thanks to Mike Tagg for the pics. Motorists are urged to exercise caution whilst construction work continues.

Annual Subscriptions Due

We sent out invoices to all St Francis Bay ratepayers encouraging the renewal of their membership or joining as new members. The payment of the annual membership is of course entirely voluntary. We have had a wonderful  response, thank you!!

The annual subscription per property owner or resident is R500.00 and R330.00 for pensioners …. that is only 2 cappuccinos a month! If you have not received our invoice please pay directly into our account and use your erf number as the reference. Alternatively, if you prefer to renew in person, you are welcome to pop into our office at 115 St Francis Drive, between 08h30 and 13h00 on weekdays where our Admin Manager, Lyn Aitken, will be able to assist you, take your payment and update your details on our database.

Our banking details are :

St Francis Bay Residents Association

Standard Bank Humansdorp Code 051001

Acc Number : 082499276

Reference : your Erf number

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at either 042-294-0594 or email contact@sfbresidents.org if you have any queries.

Finally, we are appealing to all our residents and visitors to use water sparingly as our dam levels continue to drop.

SFPO Committee