Greetings to all St Francis Bay property owners and residents

Spring is just around the corner! and entering our third month of an operational SRA with the Kouga Municipality. The Municipality had some difficulty in showing the SRA as a separate line item on the July Municipal account. This has now been corrected. We are told that there is still a problem with a rounding error as their system does not have sufficient decimal points to avoid this rounding error. The software supplier is working on correcting this, and we would also expect our accounts to be adjusted once this problem has been rectified.

Projects Update

  • CCTV

We have chosen our CCTV supplier, Intersec; finalised the camera placements with some 100 hundred cameras; and submitted our CCTV application to the Municipality for their approval. These cameras will cover our main entrances/exits to St Francis Bay, the main arterial roads from the Canals, through the Village CBD, to Harbour Road and Tarragona Road. We have sited cameras covering certain bridges, high traffic pedestrian areas and the beach. We have also included 3 camera poles with multiple cameras at three major intersections between Santareme and the Port. We expect to have these cameras installed by December. The cameras will be monitored by a state of the art 24/7 Control Centre.

The incidences of reported crimes in St Francis Bay have risen to unprecedented levels in recent months. The St Francis Property Owners Association (SFPO) was approached by the St Francis Community Police Forum for assistance in combatting crime through the installation of a CCTV monitoring system. CCTV camera surveillance has proven to be an effective crime deterrent wherever it has been installed and will provide the SAPS and private security companies with the means to timeously respond to incidences, and possibly prevent crimes from taking place. In addition, CCTV recordings can be used as admissible evidence to secure convictions of criminals. A series of workshops were held by the SFPO where all parties concerned had the opportunity to participate in the planning of the best possible solution for our town. These included the SAPS, the Community Police Forum and Sector Forums, all private security companies, the Neighbourhood Watch, the Disaster Volunteer Group, and The Links.

  • Roads

EASPE are designing the upgrade to the entrance to the Village at the Circle opposite the The Links. The Links have confirmed that they will sponsor part of the costs of this upgrade.

  • River, Beach and Spit

The Riparians continue to dredge sand onto the Spit to assist with maintaining some protection. We will provide a more detailed update of progress with both the short and long term plans for the river, beach and spit in our next newsflash.

We understand that a group of people calling themselves the Concerned Residents Association are choosing to oppose the SRA Levy process and are planning to take legal action against the Kouga Municipality over the matter. Hilton Thorpe, a former chairman of the St Francis Bay Residents Association tried to facilitate a meeting between the SFPO and representatives of this group to try to resolve their concerns. We were happy to do so, as we have always been ready to meet with anyone who wishes to discuss the SRA proposal and arrangements. Unfortunately we have been informed that this group’s legal counsel have advised them not to proceed with any discussions.