Greetings all St Francis Property Owners

 The SRA Levy will be appearing on the Kouga Municipality’s utility bills for those rate payers within the demarcated area with effect from July 2018. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing brief newsletters to answer some of the questions which are being  asked.

 The first of these deals with the questions surrounding the Demarcated Area for the SRA levy.

 The demarcated area includes the St Francis Bay properties in the canal and village as shown on the map, from the Canal properties on the Kromme River through to the village side of Harbour Road.

 All rateable erven within this area will be levied at 25% of the property rates amount. This includes various gated estates and sectional title properties as well as commercial zoned properties within the area.

 We made the decision to exclude the Industrial Sites, The Links, Santareme, St Francis on Sea, the Port area and Otters Landing for two reasons :

·         We could not establish contact with enough property owners in these areas to get a majority vote

·         The contribution of the SRA levy from these areas was insufficient to contribute anything more than what would be required for the roads and security cameras in these areas. They would contribute very little to our biggest and most urgent project, which is the restoration of the river, spit and beach. This is largely because there is a much greater percentage of undeveloped plots in these areas compared to the Canal and Village areas. These areas can be included into the SRA, or establish their own SRA, at a later stage if the property owners in these areas wish to do so.

 The SFPO committee member for Santareme, Dave Harpur, has set up a committee specifically representing the Santareme to Otters Landing property owners’ interests, to work in conjunction with the St Francis Property Owners Association. Anyone interested in knowing more about this sub-committee should contact David at or Cell: (0)82 441 4486.

The scope of the SRA projects and services include:

·         The restoration of the beach, spit and river

·         The repair and maintenance of sections of the arterial roads and parking areas to be limited to the entrance circle, the Village CBD and main intersections, along with pedestrian and cycle tracks along main arterial roads, and the rebuild of the arterial roads

·         The installation of CCTV camera surveillance with 24/7 monitoring in the demarcated area

 In addition, a number of property owners outside the demarcated area have offered to contribute money to the SRA projects on a voluntary basis. An oversight committee is presently being established to monitor and manage donations from willing donors, and more information will be provided on this in due course.