The SFPO NPC, as the Principal Agent for the Sea Vista to St Francis Bay Village Pedestrian Pathway project, has issued an invitation for suitably experienced contractors to tender for the above mentioned project. The engineer’s drawings have been completed and construction work is scheduled to start in the first week of June.

The Kouga Wind Farm is funding this project, and Sea Vista community involvement and skills training are key benefits from this project. In addition to the employment and training opportunities associated with the construction work, the community has also been invited to participate in a Community Cultural and Natural Heritage Art Competition. Selected drawings or paintings will be re-created in the form of mosaics which will then be inlaid on the pathway for everyone to admire and enjoy as they walk along the path for many years to come. The mosaics will be created by a group of trainees who are receiving the necessary skills training from Turkish art teacher, Burcu Cunneen. The artists of all the selected entries and those who created the mosaics will also be invited to the official opening of the footpath.  

This pathway forms part of the overall plan to provide a convenient, pleasant and safer pedestrian route and experience for all of our residents connecting Sea Vista to the Village CBD. This pathway runs from the service station in the village up to the industrial area and will be cleared and surfaced to provide a safe link between our communities. The pathway will have lighting and CCTV camera coverage and incorporate local artistic and cultural elements.

Roads Update

The SFPO Association thanks the Municipality for swinging into action swiftly after the recent heavy rains to fill potholes. This work is continuing at a good pace. As requested by the SFPO Association, they have slurried both the Ann Avenue car park, which has greatly improved the surface and appearance, and the sidewalks along St Francis Drive in the Village CBD, providing much needed improved walkway facilities for pedestrians, pushchair and and wheelchair users.

George Road is set to be slurried by the Municipality and the Car Park will be reconstructed with funds raised by local residents. Work on this project will start in June.

It is important to understand that the responsibility for for road maintenance such as pot hole filling, remains with the Municipality. The SFPO will utilise SRA Levy funds for projects such as the creation of pavements and improvements to the main intersections as detailed in the Business Plan as funds become available.road maintenance and pot hole filling remains with the Municipality. The SFPO will use SRA Levy funds for projects such as the creation of pavements and sidewalks, and the upgrade of main arterial intersections as detailed in the SFPO SRA Business Plan, and as funds become available. To see the business plan follow this link :

Our first Roads project is the upgrade of the Village Entrance at the Circle on the R330, which is currently underway and nearing completion. The landscaping works underway will provide an attractive and welcoming impression to all visiting our town. We are delighted that St Francis Links has assisted with funding this project.

The detailed design of the Village Entrance was undertaken in late 2018 by Engineering Advice & Services (EAS), the appointed consulting engineers. The works were slightly extended as at the time it was noted that there was a low point in Lyme Road North across the road from the said business entrance and the need to install a pipe culvert to drain runoff that collects in this area, into the drainage infrastructure that drains the village entrance identified. This was included on detailed design drawings that were approved by the Kouga Local Municipality.Once again, we thank all those residents and businesses who have been inconvenienced by the roadworks for their patience and kind understanding.


We call on all property owners in these areas to assist us in our attempts to improve the fire and security safety  in the area by attending to the clearing of their properties of all alien vegetation. There are contractors prepared to do this for a fee and all action would be appreciated to create a safer area from criminal activity and to reduce the ever present threat of the spread of bush fires.

There are also many pavements that are either partially or totally covered in vegetation and it would be appreciated if these could be cut back to the erfs boundary line to neaten up the look of this important area of St Francis Bay.

We will be asking the municipality to attend to the clearing of any public spaces as well as pavements in the area but their resources are fairly limited.

Thank you for your community spirit in assisting us with this request.

If anyone has any other ideas to help us make some small improvements please send these to the SFB Property Owners, for attention David Harpur (for Santareme and surrounds) 

CCTV Update

The SAPS have confirmed that they have made use of the CCTV footage to effect a number of arrests. As a result criminal incidents have reduced significantly from February onwards. There have been a number of complaints about the dumping of waste on vacant plots in St Francis Bay. Footage has been provided identifying a particular vehicle which has been dumping waste. Investigations are  underway.

SRA Levy Relief Fund

The SRA Levy Relief Fund has been operational for several months, and is funded through the generosity of donors. The review panel has processed several applications. Our sincere thanks are extended to those who have generously donated to this fund. Both applicants and potential donors should contact the review panel on  for more information.

Association Membership Renewal

The SFPO consists of two organisations : The SFPO Association and the SFPO NPC.

  1. The SFPO NPC is funded by the SRA levy and can only be used for the approved infrastructure upgrades ie Beach, Roads and CCTV Cameras.
  2. The SFPO Association is funded by the membership fee paid by its members, the property owners (rate payers) in St Francis Bay. Whilst Membership of the Association is voluntary we hope we can rely on your support if you have not renewed your membership of the SFPO Association.  

A strong and proactive Rate Payers Association is essential if we are going to hold our Municipality accountable for the infrastructure and services we rely on as property owners, residents and business owners in St Francis Bay. The strength of our SFPO Association is dependent on both the number of members we have, the commitment of our Association’s Committee members (who are volunteers), and the quality, efficiency and friendliness of our Office Administration.

The Association’s Committee represents the whole of St Francis Bay. Your membership contribution enables us to run a small administration office, monitor service delivery from the Municipality, and invest in important community projects.

Our membership runs from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019.

The subscription fee for 2018-2019 is 500.00 per annum or R330.00 for pensioners. 

In addition, we have introduced a special membership for corporates at R500.00.

Subscriptions can be paid either by EFT to our bank account or in cash at our office.

Banking details are:

St Francis Bay Residents Association
Standard Bank Humansdorp
Bank Code:  050015
Account No.:  08 249 9276

Please quote your name and Erf. No. as reference.

To report any issues with Municipal services either download the “Link” app and select Kouga Municipality Ward 12 or call the Call Centre on 042 200 2200.