River, Spit and Beach Update (SRA Project)

In our previous newsletter we mentioned that a pre-application EIA scoping process would be followed as recommended by DEDEAT. That process is now underway.

The Draft Scoping Report prepared by Coastal and Environmental Services (CES) is now available for public review. Hard copies of the report are available at the SFPO Office (115 St Francis Drive) and at the Municipal Office (1 Assisi Drive). Electronic copies are vailable from CES via E-mail request (nicole.wienand@eoh.com or roberto.almanza@eoh.com). It can also be viewed on the CES website (http://www.cesnet.co.za/st-francis-bay-coastal-protection-scheme-eia) as well as on our website https://stfrancispropertyowners.co.za/sra-projects/).

A publc meeting will be held by CES at the St Francis Links Conference Room on 15 April 2019 at 17:30.

Comments can be submitted in writing by post to CES, 36 Pickering Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6045 or E-mail to nicole.wienand@eoh.com or roberto.almanza@eoh.com.

For further information Ms Nicole Wienand or Mr Roberto Almanza of CES can be contacted at Tel 041 393 0700.

Roads (SRA Project) – Cautionary note :

Motorists on the R330 are advised that speed control humps are to be put in place before the pedestrian crossings on either side of the traffic circle during the course of next week (8-12 April 2019).  Thank you to everyone for your patience and cooperation as the village entrance upgades progress.

SRA Levy Relief Fund

 The SRA Levy relief fund is operational, funded through the generosity of donors. The review panel has processed several applications. Our sincere thanks are extended to those who have generously donated to this fund. Both applicants and potential donors should contact the review panel on levyrelief@sfpo.co.za  for more information.

Association Membership Renewal

 Whilst Membership is voluntary we hope we can rely on your support if you have not renewed your membership of the St Francis Property Owners Association,

A strong and proactive Rate Payers Association is essential if we are going to hold our Municipality accountable for the infrastructure and services we rely on as property owners, residents and business owners in St Francis Bay. The strength of our St Francis Property Owners Association (SFPO) is dependent on both the number of members we have, the commitment of our Association’s Committee members (who are volunteers) and the quality, efficiency and friendliness of our Office Administration.

The Association’s Committee represents the whole of St Francis Bay. Your membership contribution enables us to run a small administration office, monitor service delivery from the Municipality, and invest in important community projects.

Our membership runs from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019.

The subscription fee for 2018-2019 is 500.00 per annum or R330.00 for pensioners. 

In addition, we have introduced a special membership for corporates at R500.00.

Subscriptions can be paid either by EFT to our bank account or in cash at our office.

Banking details are:

St Francis Bay Residents Association
Standard Bank Humansdorp
Bank Code:  050015  
Account No.:  08 249 9276

Please quote your name and Erf. No. as reference.

To report any issues with Municipal services either download the “Link” app and select Kouga Municipality Ward 12 or call the Call Centre on 042 200 2200.