St Francis Property Owners - Covid-19 – Daily News Updates

Tuesday 30th June

“The virus doesn’t move, people move it. We stop moving, the virus stops moving, the virus dies, it’s that simple.”

Lockdown Level 3.

 Tuesday 30 June 2020

(South African stats dashboard here)
Global – 10,277,084
South Africa – 144,264 (up 32,468 from Thursday)
|Eastern Cape – 26,195
St Francis Bay – 0 
People recovered – 70,614
Confirmed deaths – 2,529 (up 324 from Thursday)

Stats: Sunday 22 March
Global – 341,722
South Africa – 274
Eastern Cape – 2
St Francis Bay – 1

Local Update

 St Francis Bay at the moment has no active cases of COVID-19, but this is no time to become complacent. With 13 cases in Humansdorp and 24 in JBay, as well as 2 in Oyster Bay, 17 in Hankey and 15 in Patensie, the virus is all around us.

In Los Angeles Country in USA, they have closed the beaches again with the current spike in coronavirus cases, mainly attributed to people becoming lax with their vigilance, and a condition that has been named ‘COVID Fatigue’ where people are just tired of the whole state of affairs. Tired of masks and the washing of hands and staying at home.

With taxis operating, illegally, at full capacity from today, and with numbers rising in the country on a daily basis, we do need to do our best to continue to be vigilant, to stick to whatever regime works for you and your loved ones, and keep this thing at bay. We’re not in the clear yet.

Physical distancing isn’t optional, wearing a face covering isn’t optional, spending time only with those you live with isn’t optional

Let’s keep it up.


The Kouga Traffic Department at Humansdorp has been closed for deep cleansing due to possible Covid-19 contamination. The office is expected to re-open on 6 July. Residents who had appointments for licence renewals next week will be contacted to reschedule.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.


Kouga Municipality is doubling up its efforts to keep grassy public areas neat and trim.

Twenty industrial lawn mowers, 38 brush-cutters and 12 grass-blowers were delivered to the municipality this week.

Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson said the equipment, procured at a cost of almost R750 000, would strengthen the municipality’s efforts to keep town entrances and sidewalks clean and attractive.

“It will also improve the maintenance of public facilities such as sportsfield, cemeteries, community halls and caravan parks, as well as the lawns at municipal buildings.”

He commended the municipality’s Parks and Public Amenities section for the good work they have been doing to keep grassy areas neat despite the constraints they faced.

Restaurants Demand Minister Lifts Ban On Booze With Meals

We’re all used to the utter idiocy of minister of trade and industry Ebrahim Patel, seemingly drunk on power and spewing rubbish to the nation. The man who banned short-sleeved shirts and open-toed shoes from being sold for a while, who banned hot pies and grilled chicken. Now he has opened restaurants, but banned alcohol from being sold during the meals.

You can buy takeaways and beers, and proceed to eat and drink in your car in the carpark if you feel like it, but you can’t sit in the restaurant and eat your meal with a glass of wine.

Because they can’t serve alcohol with these meals, many restaurants have decided not to open because their business won’t be feasible, says the Restaurant Association of SA. It now wants Patel to lift the alcohol ban within seven days.

More here –

Slow The Flow: Water Situation

Unbelievably the Kouga Dam has dropped to 7,75% availability. And that’s not a whole lot of water at all. The Impofu is sitting steady at just under 17%, but with no huge rains in the weather forecast, things are starting to look grim.

The daily usage is again 50L per person per day, and we need to stick to this to keep Day Zero at bay in our area. Please adhere to all water saving methods and help to keep our taps running. There is some rainfall predicted for this weekend but it’s not much. 

The Kouga Municipality has resumed water rationing in Hankey and Patensie, where the water is turned off between 9 am and 3pm daily.  

Rationing may have to be introduced to other towns in the Kouga municipal area if water is not used extremely sparingly, and the municipality reminds residents that hose pipes and irrigation systems may not be connected to the municipal water supply.