St Francis Property Owners - Covid-19 – Daily News Updates

Thursday 25th June

“The virus doesn’t move, people move it. We stop moving, the virus stops moving, the virus dies, it’s that simple.”

Lockdown Level 3.

 Thursday 25 June 2020

(South African stats dashboard here)
Global – 9,407,078
South Africa – 111,796 (up 10,206 from Tuesday)
Eastern Cape – 19,214
St Francis Bay – 1 active 
People recovered – 56,874
Confirmed deaths – 2,205 (up 214 from Tuesday) 

Stats: Sunday 22 March
Global – 341,722
South Africa – 274
Eastern Cape – 2
St Francis Bay – 1

Local Update

Around the world COVID-19 is still hitting its stride, with USA numbers climbing radically over the last few days, and Brazil numbers also climbing drastically. In comparison it seems that South Africa is doing ok for now, with relatively low numbers across the board.

Our numbers are still rising though, and this is no time to become complacent. Social distancing and sanitizing have been drummed into our heads for so long now that to hear it again is probably more irritating than anything, but they are still our best defense measures at this stage.

So keep up the good work, wear your masks, keep that social distance, no snitching, go surfing, be lekker, support local whenever possible, and most importantly don’t forget that bottle stores close at 5 pm today and re-open on Monday morning. So stock up on whatever palliatives you might need for the weekend. It’s going to be a very cold and windy weekend, just so that you know… 


Kouga Municipality’s offices at Main Street, Humansdorp, and Hankey will be closed until further notice after employees working at the buildings tested positive for the coronavirus. .

The St Francis Bay office has not been affected and is open for business as usual.

Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said the Humansdorp and Hankey units could be closed for up to two weeks, depending on whether more staff tested positive.

“Both the Humansdorp and Hankey units will be deep cleansed and staff will be self-isolating for 14 days.

“Further Covid-19 tests will also be conducted where staff members had direct contact with infected employees.”

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to residents.”

Slow The Flow: Water Situation

Unbelievably the Kouga Dam has dropped to 7,75% availability. And that’s not a whole lot of water at all. The Impofu is sitting steady at just under 17%, but with no huge rains in the weather forecast, things are starting to look grim.

The daily usage is again 50L per person per day, and we need to stick to this to keep Day Zero at bay in our area. Please adhere to all water saving methods and help to keep our taps running. There is some rainfall predicted for this weekend but it’s not much. 

The Kouga Municipality has resumed water rationing in Hankey and Patensie, where the water is turned off between 9 am and 3pm daily.  

Rationing may have to be introduced to other towns in the Kouga municipal area if water is not used extremely sparingly, and the municipality reminds residents that hose pipes and irrigation systems may not be connected to the municipal water supply.

St Francis Animal Rescue Online Auctions

The Covid 19 pandemic has made it more difficult for St Francis Animal Rescue to raise funds without being able to hold our usual events, bake sales or tin collections.
To overcome this problem, we’ve launched a series of on-line auctions in an effort to continue with the sterilization, feeding, vaccinating and medicating the kittens, cats, puppies and dogs we take care our local community.
For those supporters who feel a sense of ‘auction fatigue’ – please bear with us – we hope to be able to encourage your donations by offering something of value in return and our fund-raisers have some exciting options coming up soon..
Thanks to all the St Francis Bay animal lovers for your support of our charity and the work we do.

More here:

Sharks Cruising Around

Due to increased shark activity, the NSRI is appealing to bathers, paddlers, body boarders and surfers to be cautious along the Southern Cape coastline and the Eastern Cape coastline, in particular around the coastline of Plettenberg Bay and between Mossel Bay and Jeffrey’s Bay, including St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis. Be careful out there.

The video below was filmed in Plettenberg Bay two days ago and shows a pretty large shark cruising so close to some surfers that they could almost touch it.

Facebook video here:

Update On Bush Clearing and the St Francis Bay Property Owners Association Dedicated Bush Clearing Portfolio.

There have been plenty of large scale bush-clearing activities over the past few months, as a direct result of a generous R1-million donation from Santam to the Kouga Municipality after the last fires. 

The goal of bush clearing is to reduce the risk of bush fires damaging or destroying homes in St Francis. So far, the focus has been on cutting firebreaks. The most recent activity has been in the vicinity of Sea Vista informal settlement. 

Firebreaks remove all vegetation within their boundaries; otherwise, they wouldn’t work. This clearing process includes indigenous vegetation, and it is always carefully planned.

The spotlight in St Francis Bay has now shifted to clearing the hundreds of overgrown residential plots. The Fire Department has begun issuing notices to property owners whose properties need attention. Property owners are legally required to comply with these notices. Ignoring a warning is an offence and will lead to legal action, resulting in a fine or, potentially, imprisonment. 

If a property owner does not comply, the municipality is also entitled to clear the property. The property owner will then be responsible for the cost of clearing. All of this can be easily averted by contacting one of the many local clearing contractors. 

If a property owner is aware that a property needs attention, they should take action before receiving a notice. If there is any uncertainly, the property owner can contact the St Francis Bay Property Owners Association (SFPO) which now has a dedicated Bush Clearing portfolio.

Contact Lyn Aitken on 042 294 0594 or Nick Munday at Alternatively, contact Trevor Wright, a member of the municipal Fire Risk Reduction Committee. Trevor offers a local bush-clearing project management service that includes plot inspections, sourcing of quotations, overseeing and signing-off the work and liaison with the Kouga Municipality Fire Department. Trevor Wright – 076 589 0014.