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Monday 15th June

“The virus doesn’t move, people move it. We stop moving, the virus stops moving, the virus dies, it’s that simple.”

St Francis Property Owners Update

Lockdown Level 3. 

Monday 15 June 2020

(South African stats dashboard here)
Global – 7,889,547
South Africa – 70,038 (up  11,470 from Friday)
Eastern Cape – 10,027
St Francis Bay – 1 active 
People recovered – 38,531
Confirmed deaths – 1,480 (up 196 from Friday)

 Stats: Sunday 22 March
Global – 341,722
South Africa – 274
Eastern Cape – 2
St Francis Bay – 1

Water Shortage: Day Zero

Our water supply remains at crisis level, with our two big dams holding only a fraction of their capacity. On 12 June the Kouga Dam was below ten percent (8.22%) and Impofu below twenty percent (16.79%). Even though we have had some fresh rains, it is not going to make much difference at this stage. We need a whole lot more.

Put the hoses into lockdown.  Cover the swimming pool to stop evaporation. Stop putting water in the whisky glasses.

Seriously, every little helps. 

Shortened Bottle Store Week. 

We might not have a booze ban yet in the Eastern Cape, but remember that tomorrow is a public holiday, Youth Day, and the bottle stores will be closed. Best to get your supplies in today.

Please remember to maintain all Level Three protocols while shopping for alcohol, with your mask on, and social distancing at all times.

We should also find out this week if there are going to be any more alcohol restrictions coming up.

St Francis Tourism Competition

The Competition – My St Francis Life

We invite all our locals, home away from home-owners, and frequent (or not so frequent) visitors to the Greater St Francis area to produce a 45-90 second video/photo collage of their St Francis Life. Give us a visual of what it is like to live here, or what you come back for year after year for a well-deserved holiday.”
Keep an eye on our page for the rules and the AMAZING prizes

Golf courses in SA given the green light to re-open

In great news for St Francis, GolfRSA confirmed on Friday that amateur golfers will be allowed to return to playing, after the SA government approved the return of the sport.

The St Francis Bay Golf Club and St Francis Links have both been closed for 80 days.

Before opening, golf courses will be required to undergo strict hygiene compliance protocols as set out by the SA Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.

More here –

South Africa takes a step closer to new nuclear-power programme

Thyspunt not mention, but here we go again.

In a surprise turnaround, a new nuclear build proposal is back on the table. While the previous bid, that was having a good look at Thyspunt for a location, was cancelled in 2017, this new development does not have a location as of yet. It is early days, and it seems to be a smaller build proposal than the previous 9600 mW.

More here –