St Francis Property Owners - Covid-19 – Daily News Updates

Friday 5th June

“The virus doesn’t move, people move it. We stop moving, the virus stops moving, the virus dies, it’s that simple.”

Lockdown Level 3.

Friday 5 June 2020

(South African stats dashboard here)
Global – 6,601,349
South Africa – 40,792 (up 4,980 from Wednesday)
Eastern Cape – 4,936
St Francis Bay – 2 (recovered) 
People recovered – 21,311
Confirmed deaths – 848 

Stats: Sunday 22 March
Global – 341,722
South Africa – 274
Eastern Cape – 2
St Francis Bay – 1

Sea Vista Food Parcel Update:

Is Your Business Still Prevented From Opening?

With donations from the good people who love our greater St Francis area, as well as their community, and in a wonderfully co-operative effort together with the St Francis United Church, Rotary St Francis and the Disaster Volunteer Group (DVG), more than R1,7 million has been raised to date, enabling the packing and distribution of more than 5 500 parcels over the course of 2 months.

Three full rounds of deliveries have been handed over to the households most affected by unemployment during Covid-19. There have also been repeated deliveries to the various soup kitchens.

Special thanks to SUPERSPAR Village Square, fruit farmers, Balobi Fish Market and the Ferrey brothers in Port Elizabeth who raised funds and donated a massive 9 tons (18 pallets) of vanilla maize porridge to the cause. Smhart Security has also accompanied every delivery without fail.

As the nation embraces Level 3 of the government’s risk adjusted strategy, it is pleasing to see construction workers, domestic workers, gardeners and services get back to it! It’s therefore time to reassess the food parcel project in Level 3.

The food relief program started with a database of 1879 households and there are many who remain unemployed.  (health & beauty, hairdressers, accommodation, restaurants, sport, tourism etc). This week and next will be a time to reassess the database and start a new listing, recognising those who still remain without income and work during Level 3.

The DVG also invite businesses to e-mail them  ( if your local business still can’t open, and you have staff who remain unemployed. This is only for staff living in Sea Vista, St Francis Bay or Cape St Francis. Please include your business name, staff listing (name and surname), as well as their address.

DVG Appeal for Food Parcels

Dredging Notice

Important Notice from St Francis Bay Riparian Home Owners Association:

We note queries in regard to the sand washed into Ski Canal by the recent storm, and advise that dredgers are currently being deployed to clear the sand.

Beware Online Fraudsters Running Unchecked During COVID-19

Fraudsters across the globe are preying on people left desperate by the Covid-19 pandemic. In South Africa, in recent months scammers have masqueraded as the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), the South African Revenue Service (SARS), Transnet and provincial and national health departments.

The PIC had to warn people not to respond to SMSs supposedly qualifying recipients for a fake PIC-sponsored “Business Personal Relief Fund”. According to the PIC, if a person responds to the email address supplied,, they receive an “approval” letter and will have to pay a “handling fee” before the promised relief funds are deposited.

“The PIC is not sponsoring the alleged Covid-19 Business Personal Relief Fund and is of the view that this is an attempt by cunning and ruthless fraudsters whose ultimate goal is to take advantage of vulnerable people when the country is grappling with the coronavirus pandemic,” it said in a statement.

Water Shortage  and Water Restrictions

Despite the recent rains we are under critical water shortage conditions, with the Kouga Dam running out of water. The level has now dropped to below 9 %.

The Gamtoos Irrigation Board has notified Kouga Municipality that water rationing to the towns of Hankey and Patensie has commenced for June 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the water will initially be turned off for only six hours per day – from 09:00 to 15:00 daily.

How to Save Water in Your Garden

Plants also need water to survive, but it’s possible to reduce the amount of water used to keep them healthy. Saving water in the garden is just as important as saving water at home or at your business. We’ve noted several water saving techniques you can use to save water in the garden below.

Plant succulents and other water-wise plants. The best plants will most probably be those that naturally occur in the area where you live, as they will be adapted to the local quantity of rainfall and shouldn’t need your extra assistance.

Remove invasive and water hungry plant species. Check that none of the plants in your garden are water hungry species such as invasive alien Pine trees, Eucalyptus/Gums, Wattles and Australian Acacias and Jacaranda trees.

Spread wood chippings or mulch in your garden beds. This technique will reduce evaporation from the soil and prevent the growth of weeds. Plants that provide ground cover can also serve this function.

Take out your lawn. Lawns are water hungry and can be swapped for much nicer alternatives.  Some succulents do this job excellently and are even nice to walk on when fully established.

Ask your local nursery for indigenous and water wise ground covering plants. that can replace a lawn.

Indoor plants can benefit from living in your bathroom, where there will be more moisture in the air. Some may need more light than your bathroom offers so keep an eye on the plant’s health.

Cover your vegetable garden with a shade cloth. This can deter pets while reducing evaporation.