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Tuesday 25th March

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Hi all

Short and sweet, as things start getting real, and as we approach lockdown.

Lockdown date: Midnight Thursday 26 March.

Current stats: Tuesday 24 March

Global – 422652
South Africa – 554
Eastern Cape – 2
St Francis Bay – Zero
People recovered – 2

Stats: Sunday 22 March – evening

Global – 341,722
South Africa – 274
Eastern Cape – 2
St Fancis Bay – zero

Don’t Flee Cities For Rural Areas, Plead Authorities

In a story on the Mail and Guardian website, it was revealed that after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that South Africa is to enter lockdown at midnight on Thursday, the entire country saw South Africans making plans to flee the cities – either to join relatives in rural areas, or to hide out in holiday cottages. But authorities are warning that such actions are likely to spread the virus and could overwhelm rural health systems.

More here  –


Govt won’t only help black firms.

We always knew that there was going to be fake news emanating from the situation, but these days many of us are getting accustomed to the fake news sites that we can recognize the fake stuff from the real stuff at a single glance. The news that Government was only going to help black-owned companies had many people fooled though, and there was outrage on Facebook and Twitter.

St Francis Bay locals and residents amongst others were angrily sharing the news, with some bitter comments beneath.  

Luckily it was revealed that it was fake news, and all the keyboard warriors calmed down. The full story here

Another great bit of fake news is the story that Russia released 500 lions to enforce a COVID-19 lockdown. It was shared 334,000 times on Facebook. It’s not true and we don’t know who makes this stuff up, but it would be a very effective strategy to make people stay at home.

Full story here –

St Francis Bay Canals

“COVID-19” 21 day lockdown from midnight on the 26th March to the 17th April 2020.

In accordance with recently announced regulations and further instructions from Kouga Municipality:

All boating activities on the St Francis Bay Canals will be prohibited from midnight on the 26th March to the 17th April 2020 with the exception of law enforcement.

The canal harbour office will also close and the office staff will be working from home. Contact details are 0636964906 & 

Lockdown Key Points

Here are the key points from the President’s announcement on a 21-day lockdown.

  1. The most effective way to help infection is to change basic behaviours.
  2. Staying home, cancelling gatherings and avoiding people help curb the spread of the virus.
  3. Immediate swift and extraordinary action is required.
  4. Fundamental task is to curb the spread. Health services cannot be strained.
  5. Decided to enforce lockdown from Midnight 26 March 2020.
  6. Will last 21 Days to 16 April
  7. Categories exempted:
    * Health workers
    * Emergency personnel
    * Security services
    * Production and distribution
    * Essential banking services
    * Power
    * Laboratory services
    * Hygiene services
  8. People will not be allowed to move unless buying food and medical supplies. You can’t walk your dogs, and you can’t walk on the beaches. You have to stay at home.
  9. Malls and clothing stores to be closed.
  10. Those who can operate remotely must do so.
  11. Defense force deployed to help police.
  12. Public health management programme to perform screening. Initial focus on high density and high risk areas.
  13. Centralised treatment for severe cases.
  14. Decentralised treatment for mild cases.
  15. Resident arriving from high risk countries will face quarantine of 14 days.
  16. International flights from Lanseria suspended.
  17. International travellers will be turned away.

Superspar Village Square

It is business as usual at this stage. They do have new operating times and restrictions and urge all to stick to them please. They have made a time slot of 07:00 to 08:00 strictly for elderly (over 60) people only for Monday to Friday, and on Tuesday they get a two hour slot from 07:00 to 09:00. We would like all to respect that, and to respect our elderly.

Also, only one person per family, and no children will be allowed into the Spar going forward.

St Francis Pharmacy

Business as usual. The pharmacy can be contacted on 042 294 0268


If you have any information about your business, or about services you might be offering to help the community, please feel free to message the SFPO Facebook Page here