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Disaster Management Volunteer Organisation

Our Volunteer force will be organised as follows:

Command Centre based at the St Francis Bay Fire Station
The Command Centre will liaise directly with Government services i.e. the Fire Brigade, Police, Hospital/Ambulances, Helicopter and Fixed Wing services, etc.

Steering Group

The following people have been identified as potential Command Centre volunteers :

  • B Meikles – on an advisory basis only.
  • N Aitken
  • L Clause
  • G Brooker
  • S Tessendorf
  • W Furphy
  • J Elliott

The Command Centre will be based at the Fire Station with air response at the Air Park.

  • The field in front of the Fire Station will be made available for helicopters landing.
  • Equipment to be stored in the lockable, alarmed storeroom at the Fires Station.

Rapid Response Teams (RRT)teams need to be formed consisting of volunteers organised:

  • NSRI – based at Port St Francis – P Hurley
  • St Francis Bay – B Bosch.
  • The Links –  K Burger
  • Cape St Francis/Air Park –  S Tessendorf/John Elliott
  • Sea Vista (Sea Cadets/Alumni) –  O Holmes
  • Eskom –          ?

Support Teams consisting of volunteers providing the following services to the Rapid Response Teams and Government Services Teams

  • Administration – On-going
    • Source equipment needed
    • Issue equipment, making a note as to who it has been issued to.
    • Establish how to retrieve equipment when wrapping up.
  • Logistics – H White (food/sustenance/mattresses etc.)?/L Payne?/K Jooste?
      • Equipment Servicing and Repair team e.g. vehicles, earth moving equipment, pumps, etc.
      • The Links workshop would be the emergency equipment service centre.
      • Obtain names and contact details of companies in J Bay and Humansdorp for spares and tools.
      • Stock/stores/equipment management team (procuring, issuing, storing) – storage based at The Links
      • Bedding
      • Feeding
      • This would be at the Fire Station where there is full cooking facility.
      • A new fridge is needed.
      • Need to obtain a gas cooker.
      • Ablutions
      • This will be at the Fire Station.
      • Wrap-up Team
      • Each area/team will be responsible in wrapping-up their area.
  • Communications: –    NSRI/Retired Pilots (B Barry/R Liebenberg/E Bassoon possibly)
    • Media                      –    C Watt
        • Communication Needs:-
        • Radio network
        • Cell phones
        • Ground to Air
        • Wi-Fi
        • The base station at the Fire Station is connected to the Humansdorp Control Room.
        • Refuelling should be done at the Air Park.
        • N Hulett to donate a battery operated air band radio.
        • Radio Operators
        • NSRI
        • The Port (Ski Boat Club)
  • Medical – Dr J Malan/ H Kilfoil (trauma nurse and first aid trainer)/L Niven (and carers)/Chemist.  To be based at Dr J Malan’s surgery.
  • Traffic and Crowd control – L Clause/?
        • Evacuation team – ?/Triggered by the Kouga Municipality
        • Evacuation points
        • The Links
        • St Francis Bay Golf Club
        • New primary school when completed.
        • Gods Acre
  • Air-Ground co-ordination directing ground forces and directing the air capabilities (spotter planes) – ?