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Disaster Management (cont….)


Training needs to be provided to all Volunteers but differs according to a Volunteer’s role. Roles and training required:

Rapid Response Team

  • Firefighting skills and equipment
  • Flood rescues

Support Team

  • Traffic control
  • Crowd control
  • Earth Moving equipment operators
  • Re-fuelling site(s) for helicopters, aircraft, vehicles, boats
  • Equipment maintenance team : vehicle breakdown, equipment breakdown
  • Medical support (Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacy, Clinic, private Emergency vehicles and services)
  • Private Security companies to assist with policing, transport, evacuation, etc.
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Equipment management :
    • Stock control : storing equipment and consumables
    • List of Private Bakkies for firefighting, etc.
    • List of pumps, bowsers, etc.
    • List of Earth Moving equipment
    • Catering, sleeping and resting facilities, ablutions

Command Centre

  • Set up the Command centre
  • Communication operators : see section 6
  • Mapping
  • Deploying/re-deploying Rapid Response Teams in the field and organising logistical support from the Support Teams
  • Liaising/cooperating with Govt service team leadership to support their Disaster management efforts
  • Keep all Communities appraised of the situation at all times with one version of the status
  • Wrap up and Close down the Command Centre

Disaster Management Plan

Volunteer Organisation