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Disaster Management (Cont)


The equipment required to support our Disaster management capability includes:

Command Centre

  • Desk, chairs, beds
  • Switchboard, phones (landline and cell)
  • Radios (CB, VHF, UHF)
  • Aerial radios
  • Laptops for :
    • email, website, social media
    • Logging all events and decisions in disaster management process
    • Google earth mapping of area
  • Kitchen
  • Maps on walls with all roads and tracks marked
  • Contact details of all property owners in area surrounding St Francis to request access rights to and across properties for fighting fires
  • Legal : indemnification forms to protect the Volunteers from litigation for destruction or damage to property in process of dealing with a disaster

Rapid Response Teams

  • Fires
    • Bakkies – access to private vehicles
    • Bakkie Sakkies to load on Bakkies
    • Pumps
    • Generators
    • Water bowsers
    • Masks, goggles, respirators
    • Clothing, boots
    • Fire retardant chemicals
    • Medical equipment and supplies for First Aid in the field
    • Knapsack sprayers
    • Earth moving machinery (for fire breaks, flood protection, temporary roads, etc.)
    • Radios (Security companies have repeaters)
    • Rakes, hoes, beaters
  • Floods
  • Sea Surges
  • Unrest

Support Teams

  • Clothing identifying their Volunteer status e.g. for traffic control
  • Radios
  • Loudhailers
  • Access to Earth Moving equipment

Disaster Management Plan

Volunteer Organisation