CCTV (SRA Project)

The CCTV cameras have been installed and are operational. It will take time to fully test the network and to ensure the monitoring service is effective. The cameras served our community well over the festive season with SAPS and all of our security companies reporting a quieter season. There were several incidents reported which are being investigated by SAPS using the recorded footage from our cameras to assist in their investigations. All security agencies including the SAPS, Neighbourhood Watch, Calibre, Smhart and G4S have been fully briefed and are working in cooperation to fight crime.

CCTV Cannot work alone!

All the safety and security agencies in our town agree that whilst the CCTV cameras will (1) serve as a deterrent to criminals and (2) provide critical evidence to assist the SAPS in bringing about convictions, the public should not rely on the cameras alone to protect them. Your security company of choice remains your first port of call and our Neighbourhood Watch volunteers are to be saluted for their determined efforts to prevent crime in our town – please support them! Please remain vigilant at all times and take care to lock doors and windows and secure your property. Use your alarm system and other safety devices. Your complacency is the criminal’s greatest friend.

Know the Law!

Our country’s privacy laws (POPI Act) do not allow the monitoring company (Atlas Security) to provide CCTV footage to anyone other than the SAPS, and then only when a case has been opened. In the event of an incident being reported certain Calibre personnel are able to view selected footage on site to assist and direct their response teams.

Atlas has access to the SAPS’ national database for information relating to stolen vehicles, known criminals, etc. to assist the response team on the ground.

As per the Public Prosecutor in Humansdorp it is extremely important to remember that strict procedures have to be followed to ensure video footage can be used as evidence in convicting a criminal. 


There are 141 CCTV cameras on 42 poles at various critical points around our town.  

What you need to know :

  • Each pole has signage with the contact number for Atlas Security highlighted.  0861 585 585
  • Each pole is also numbered with a unique identification number.  This is the critical number to quote each time the Atlas control centre is contacted.  This will allow the highly trained staff monitoring the control centre to immediately identify the exact position of the incident.  Calilbre Security will then be contacted to activate their reaction team to the site.
  • Please take the time to identify the pole numbers nearest you for ease of use.
  • Please make use of this facility responsibly and only in times of real need.

The cameras cover our main entrances/exits to St Francis Bay, the main arterial roads from the Canals, through the Village CBD, to Harbour Road and Tarragona Road. We have sited cameras covering certain bridges, high traffic pedestrian areas and the beach. We have also included three camera poles with multiple cameras at three major intersections between Santareme and the Port. We have also sited cameras on certain intersections into the Sea Vista township.

SRA Levy Relief Fund  

The SRA Levy relief fund is operational, funded through the generosity of donors. The review panel has processed several applications. Our sincere thanks are extended to those who have generously donated to this fund. Both applicants and potential donors should contact our office at 042 294 0594 or for more information.

SFPO Association Membership Renewal

Our membership runs from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019. This is a voluntary membership and we hope we can rely on your support for the next year.

The SFPO Association represents all of St Francis Bay.

Our subscription fee is R500 per annum or R330 for pensioners. 

Pay Online at

Or by EFT to our bank account or in cash at our office.

Banking details are:

St Francis Bay Residents Association   
Standard Bank Humansdorp     
Bank Code:  050015                     
Account No.:  08 249 9276
Please quote your name and Erf. No. as reference.

To report any issues with Municipal services either download the “Link” app and select Kouga Municipality Ward 12 or call the Call Centre on 042 200 2200.

Save Water
Please remember water supply levels are critical. Please help us save water!