Our biggest news of the month is the installation of 141 CCTV cameras on 42 poles at various critical points around our town.
All security agencies including the SAPS, Neighbourhood Watch, Calibre, Smhart and G4S have been fully briefed and will be working in collaboration to control crime. Well done to everyone involved for getting this important project up and running in time for holiday season.
What you need to know :
·         Each pole has signage with the contact number for Atlas Security highlighted. 
·         Each pole is also numbered with a unique identification number.  This is the critical number to quote each time the control centre is contacted.  This will allow the highly trained staff monitoring the control centre to immediately identify the exact position of the incident.  Calilbre Security will then be contacted to activate their reaction team to the site of the incident.
·         Please take the time to identify the pole numbers nearest you for ease of use.
Obviously we ask you all to make use of this facility responsibly and only in times of real need.
The cameras cover our main entrances/exits to St Francis Bay, the main arterial roads from the Canals, through the Village CBD, to Harbour Road and Tarragona Road. We have sited cameras covering certain bridges, high traffic pedestrian areas and the beach. We have also included three camera poles with multiple cameras at three major intersections between Santareme and the Port. We have also sited cameras on certain intersections into the Sea Vista township.