August news from St Francis Property Owners Association


CES have completed the Pre-application Scoping process. In early August they will submit the EIA application to DEDEAT. We will have another round of public participation during August. All submissions received during the Pre-application Scoping process have been logged and the Scoping Report has been amended where necessary. These submissions are important because if there are objections and comments they need to be raised and appropriately incorporated into the proposed solution.


The contract for the CCTV cameras is now fully operational. Both the SAPS and the private security companies have confirmed that the cameras have played an important role in reducing crime to the lowest levels in a long time. Detectives have been able to make use of footage to effect several arrests of criminals. The person who attempted to vandalise the camera at the Main Beach has appeared in court,  and has been given community service after an official apology was received. In the case of a hit and run fatality in Sea Vista the driver was identified and apprehended. These cameras are providing a benefit to all law-abiding residents and visitors to all of St Francis Bay. The camera coverage on the Sea Vista Pathway, once it is upgraded, will provide additional security benefits to our pedestrians, especially those from Sea Vista.

The cameras are, however, a deterrent. We urge all residents and visitors to remain vigilant and continue to secure their own properties. Neighbourhood Watch, SAPS and the private security companies continue to do good work to catch and convict these criminals.


The tender process is complete, and a contractor will be appointed shortly after which construction will commence.  We are considering an extension of this pathway from the Sea Vista School area to Gods Acre. We will require donations to fund this extension. We are discussing this with several parties, but if you have any interest in contributing to this then please contact us.


The Upgrade to the Village Entrance is complete, other than a certain amount of remedial work and the final landscaping work. The old pedestrian shelter was moved to the western embayment area, and a new pedestrian shelter has been erected on the eastern embayment area against the boundary wall of The Links. This project involved not only an upgrade of the road surfaces, but also an upgrade of the surrounding areas to give a very pleasant first impression to the entrance to our Village. We also took the opportunity to improve some infrastructure issues eg stormwater drainage and the main water pipe infrastructure that feeds our Village.   



The St Francis Bay Riparian Home Owners Association (SFBRHOA) entered into an agreement with the Kouga Local Municipality (KLM) in 2006 whereby the SFBRHOA assumed the responsibility to maintain and manage the waterways and canal infrastructure on behalf of the KLM.

The SFBRHOA are committed to ensure that the waterways and canal infrastructure are maintained and upgraded such that infrastructure is sustainable, safe and conforms to the relevant KLM bylaws and regulations.

Noting the above if any new canal infrastructure (canal wall / jetty / slipway / etc.) is to be installed or existing infrastructure maintained / changed / replaced / the SFBRHOA require the submission of a dimensioned layout for approval.

The layout should include –

  • surveyed erf boundary on the canal
  • canal infrastructure existing and proposed
  • jetty infrastructure existing and proposed
  • slipway existing and proposed (if applicable)

The required information can be delivered to the riparian offices located in the small craft harbour located at 15 La Digue Place for the attention of Craig Northwood (cell 082 5663646) or e-mailed to

Dredging Update : A new longer-lasting and more cost effective water cooled motor has been fitted on the dredger to replace the old air cooled motor. The new motor is quieter and will require less maintenance. This more efficient motor will enable the Canal dredging team increase dredging output.


Boat owners are reminded of the following applicable Municipal By-Laws:

1)      No commercially registered vessels or vessels used for commercial purposes or vessels exceeding 6,6m in overall length will be allowed on the River or canals without the written permission of the Municipality or its agents. The Kromme Joint River Committee (KJRC) is acting as agent for the Municipality with regard to the Kouga Rivers i.e. the Kromme and Geelhout in terms of a Memorandum of Agreement entered into with the Municipality and may be contacted for the required permission.

2)      All registered vessels must at all times have the relevant River permits permanently affixed to the vessel so that the number is clearly visible from each side of the vessel.

Furthermore, the KJRC acquired permanently coloured round red and green buoys to replace the current plastic drums that are being used to demarcate the navigable channels on the Kromme River. These round buoys will be installed before the holiday season at the end of the year. Boat owners are requested to avoid driving into the buoys or damaging them as they are placed there to assist safer use of the River. These new buoys are also marked with an imprint stating “Property of the KJRC”.

The heavy winds experienced over the past two weeks have caused considerable damage to the sign boards placed on the Kromme River. It will take some time to have the damage repaired and to have replacement signs made where necessary. All signage will be in place again before the start of the holiday season at the end of the year.”



Kouga Municipality’s amnesty period for penalties imposed on submission of building plans for unauthorized building work will expire at the end of June 2020. This amnesty is to assist property owners in the Kouga Municipal area who would be liable for penalties in terms of the following:

  • previous owners build or extend their buildings without approved plans;
    • revisions / alterations without approved plans;
    • past incomplete inspections conducted with no final inspection and no occupation certificates issued;
    • building plans never returned by owners, architects or draughtsman to the department for final approval.

For more information contact KLM Department: Planning and Development 042 200 2200