The St Francis Property Owners (SFPO) Association is the ratepayers association for St Francis Bay. The Association represents its members’ interests with respect to:

  • Municipal issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Aesthetic issues
  • Safety and security issues

The SFPO Association committee represents all St Francis Bay property owners and residents including the Canals, the Kromme River, The Links, Santareme, St Francis-on-Sea, Port St Francis, Otters Landing as well as the light industrial area off Tarragona Road.

Members of the SFPO committee also serve on the Kromme Enviro Trust, St Francis Sector Police Forum, Ward 12 Councillor’s Ward Committee, the Aesthetics Committee and the Disaster Volunteer Group.

The Association uses its membership revenue to :

  • Invest in local projects to upgrade and support the town as required from time to time including events .
  • The work and funding undertaken by the association should not be not to be confused with the projects managed by the SFPO Non Profit Company (SRA) which are the restoration of the beach, river and spit, the upgrade of intersections on main arterial roads, and the installation of CCTV camera surveillance. These projects are specifically financed through the SRA Levy.
  • Provide a permanent office with an ‘Admin. Manager’ to serve our members’ interests.

We need a strong membership base in order to provide these services and rely on ratepayers and residents to make an annual subscription payment. 

We appeal to all ratepayers and residents to support the Association by paying your membership subscription for 2019/20.  Our membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September.

The annual subscription per property owner or resident remains R500.00 or R330.00 for pensioners. 

You can pay :

St Francis Bay Residents Association
Standard Bank Humansdorp Code 05100
Acc Number : 082499276

  • In cash at our office at 115 St Francis Drive, between 08h30 and 13h00 on week days

Your support is very much appreciated!

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