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St Francis Property Owners

Annual General Meeting -18th December 2017




Notice of Public Meeting

20 December 2017

St Francis Property Owners

The St Francis Property Owners Association will present their revised SRA proposal In line with the Kouga Municipality’s revised SRA By-Law and Policy

It is important for all rateable property owners , residents and business owners to attend this presentation

VENUE: The Links
DATE: Wednesday, 20 December 2017
TIME: 16h00 – 18h00

The proposal and all relevant documentation will also be available following the meeting at the St Francis Property Owners’ office at 115 St Francis Drive, St Francis Bay and also on  the website at www.stfrancispropertyowners.co.za

Objections to the SRA Business Plan may be submitted to the Kouga Municipality office in St Francis Bay once the SRA application has been lodged. The SRA application will only be lodged if the majority of property owners vote in favour of the proposed SRA . Notice of such lodgement will be published at that time.