SFPO Association : July Newsletter

Greetings to all St Francis Property Owners.

SRA : We are waiting for the Municipality’s legal team to complete their assessment of the current SRA By-Law legislation and SRA Policy requirements. We expect to meet with the Municipality in early August to be briefed on their assessment, and then agree the process we will need to follow to complete the SRA application process with a targeted implementation of July 1, 2018.
Projects :

  1. Phase 1 of the Beach Revetment Repair : These projects include several private property revetment repairs and one public open space revetment repair. The George Road revetments were completed a few months ago. The Aldabara Run revetment project has recently been completed. The Ralph Road project is underway. Once this is complete then we will pave the George Road Car Park and install a ramp onto the beach. The final revetment project is a private property abutting the Anne Avenue Car Park revetment (west side), and will begin shortly. Once it is complete then we will finish the work still required for the Anne Avenue Car Park i.e. revetment repairs, landscaping, and resurfacing the car park.
  2. Phase 2 of River, Spit and Beach : We had issued an RFP for selecting and designing the long term solution required for the river, spit and beach i.e. to de-silt the river, install groynes, rebuild the dune on the spit, and move the sand onto the beach to raise the level of the beach. We received 3 submissions. The SFPO NPC Technical Committee has evaluated these submissions, and made their recommendation. The Technical Committee comprises Chris Gray (Chairman), Craig Northwood, Deon Pienaar and Greg Miller. We have submitted the recommendation and supporting documentation to the Municipality for their approval for the appointment and starting the work.
  3. Arterial Roads : The SFPO NPC Board had appointed EAS PE to complete the preliminary design of the first phase of the arterial roads. EAS PE are scheduled to complete this work by the end of July, and the next step will be to submit the report to the Municipality for their approval.
  4. CCTV Security : We have held two workshops to-date and have formulated our requirements for a CCTV 24/7 monitoring and surveillance system for St Francis Bay. We will discuss this with the Cape St Francis Civics Association to determine their interest in participating. We have had input from a number of people and organisations, including the three private security companies operating in St Francis Bay, SAPS, Neighbourhood Watch,  Disaster Volunteer Group, a security camera equipment provider, the St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis Police Sector Forums, several other individuals with security and policing expertise, and the SFPO.
    We have a reasonable idea of how we wish to phase the implementation of this infrastructure, and the likely costs. The funding of this should come from the SRA levy, but if we were to implement before the SRA levy comes into effect, then we will have to fund it differently, and we are looking at these alternatives. Once we have the funding agreed then we need to get the support of the Municipality because we will need to connect to their electrical infrastructure. When we have these agreements in place then we will issue an RFP to CCTV equipment vendors. Once we have a definitive proposal then we will also consult with the Community to get their feedback and test their support.
  5. ERVEN 400 and 554 : These two erven comprise the public open space bordered by Lyme Road South, College Road, Assissi Drive, and the Bowls Club. Erf 400 is owned by the Department of Education, and Erf 554 is owned by the Municipality. We have had numerous complaints about this land being used as a dumping ground for building rubble and other rubbish, and a number of vagrants are also living there.
    We have asked the Municipality to clear these properties of alien vegetation, rubbish, and vagrants and they have agreed they can begin this work on 14th August. With the help of the community we plan to create a Village Common available to all residents and visitors to enjoy. Several businesses and individuals have offered to assist with funding, equipment and labour. Please contact Lyn Aitken (contact@sfbresidents.org or 042-294 0594) if you are keen to participate in this project. We would like to appeal to all St Francis residents to participate.
  6. Finally, the Municipality has asked us to send a Customer Satisfaction Survey to all our members. This will be sent out on our email database. If you do not receive this please call  Lyn Aitken at 042 294 0594 (SFPO Office) who will gladly send you a copy.

SFPO Committee