Greetings to all St Francis Property Owners.

SRA : We understand that the Municipality’s legal team have received an opinion from Counsel on the current SRA By-Law legislation and SRA Policy requirements. We expect to meet with the Municipality in early September to be briefed on their assessment, and then agree the process we will need to follow to complete the SRA application process with a targeted implementation of July 1, 2018.

Projects :

  1. Phase 1 of the Beach Revetment Repair

All of the private property revetment repair projects have been completed with the exception of Ralph Road. We will complete the Anne Avenue Car Park revetment repairs, landscaping and resurfacing the car park soon.

We have been given approval by the Municipality to complete the George Road Car Park and beach access. We were required to get an Engineer to design and sign off on this proposed work. We will complete this work once the Ralph Road revetment repairs are completed.

  1. Phase 2 of River, Spit and Beach

The Municipality has approved our appointment of Advisian (Worley Parsons) to complete the selection and design of the long term solution   required for the river, spit and beach. The SFPO NPC Technical Committee has evaluated these submissions, and made their recommendation. The price of the winning bid was R1.6million, with R1.1million for the completion of the design phase (Phase 2A), and R0.5million for their oversight of the Construction phase (Phase 2B). Phase 2A includes both the engineering design as well as the EIA submission to DEDEAT. We expect Phase 2A to take 12-18 months to get DEDEAT approval for the Construction phase (Phase 2B). We are using our donated funds to pay for Phase 2A, but will require the SRA levy to be approved and implemented in July 2018 to finance Phase 2B. We continue to look for other sources of financing this project as well.

  1. Arterial Roads

EAS PE has completed the preliminary design of the first phase of the arterial roads, and have submitted their final report to the SFPO NPC Technical Committee for review. All work to-date has been financed from the donations we received. We have spent R269,200 to-date on EAS PE’s survey and preliminary design work on our roads. We cannot do any further work on the roads until the SRA levy is approved and implemented.

  1. CCTV Security

We will hold our third and final workshop on 29 August to agree our CCTV requirements for St Francis Bay. The Cape St Francis Civic Association has solicited quotes from suppliers to implement several cameras in their area. We will compare notes on the technology and costs, and also discuss possible cooperation when they are ready to do so. Our workshops have included participants from the three private security companies operating in St Francis Bay (Calibre, Smhart and G4S), SAPS, Neighbourhood Watch, Disaster Volunteer Group, a security camera equipment provider, the Police Sector Forums covering St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis, the SFPO Association and SFPO NPC, and several other individuals with security and policing expertise. We have been contacted by several other security camera equipment suppliers as word has got out about our interest in a CCTV solution to improve our security in St Francis.

The funding of this CCTV infrastructure and operation should come from the SRA levy, but if we were to implement before the SRA levy comes into effect, then we will have to fund it differently, and we are looking at these alternatives. Once we have the funding agreed then we need to get the support of the Municipality because we will need to connect to their electrical infrastructure. When we have these agreements in place we will issue an RFP to CCTV equipment vendors. Once we have a definitive proposal then we will consult with the Community to get their feedback and gauge support.

  1. ERVEN 400 and 554

The Municipality and the SFPO Association joined forces to clear the alien bush from the Village Common. This area was being lived on and used as a dumping ground. We have collected a mountain of litter. We hired Duncan Lethbridge’s Bush Cutter and Tractor and Cath Mitchely’s Chipper for 3 days each. The Municipality brought its own Bush Cutter and Tractor, a Bulldozer, and bush clearing teams.  The Spar very kindly sponsored the cost of the Chipper and the SFPO Association paid for the Bush Cutter. A number of volunteers from the Church have assisted with collecting litter. The Kromme Enviro-Trust, under Caryl Logie’s direction, identified plants that should not be removed or trimmed, and monitored progress. We have received a number of suggestions as to how the Village Common should be used by our residents. Requests to-date include :

  • building a church, a cricket field, a soccer field, a children’s playground, picnic facilities, and a pet’s remembrance garden, dog training and walking paths
  • providing off-road parking on the perimeter of the Village Common abutting the Spar complex, Lyme Road South opposite the Squash and Golf Clubs, and on Assisi Drive opposite the Caltex Service Station

We will gather all suggestions and feedback these to the community in due course. Once we have a set of ideas supported by our community then we will discuss this with the Municipality.

On a final note, we are approaching our financial year end in October and new invoices for membership subscriptions will be sent out during September. We have had to increase our membership fees to keep up with inflation. The new fees are R500.00 p.a. per family and R330.00 p.a. for pensioners. This is our first increase in two years and we hope we may count on your continued and much valued support for the year ahead.

SFPO Committee