St Francis Property Owners Association

Welcome to St Francis Property Owners. an association representing the future of the greater St Francis to ensure that the region grows from strength to strength and becomes not only South Africa’s premier holiday destination but as importantly, a place to live, own property or start a business.

At the Annual General Meeting held in December 2015, the gathered residents and property owners were presented with  three options:

  • Make things happen
  • Watch what happens
  • Wonder what happened

The first option “Make things happen” was overwhelmingly supported and so the new committee set to work identifying all that needs to done to restore St Francis to the state that will make all residents proud and ensure the many holidaymakers and International tourists flock to St Francis throughout the year. A destination that invites them back again and again.

With the recent success of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in winning the 2016 Municipal Elections with a 58% majority vote, big things in terms of service delivery to the greater St Francis region can be expected. But St Francis Property Owners is not leaving it only to the Municipality to uplift the community services but will be taking action to grow St Francis to a quality town where services and  infrastructure are to a standard that will make it the finest seaside town on the South African coastline.

For an overview on plans afoot to accomplish the task at hand which will be achieved with the support of the community at large and the St Francis property owners in particular click the graphic below.

Saving St Francis

July 2018 Newsletter

Greeting all St Francis Property Owners. Here’s some great news ! The bridge over the Sand River on the R330 is nearing completion! Both lanes over the bridge are now open and it seems the Stop/Go’s are a thing of the past. SRA Update Our application for the...

An announcement from SFPO

The SRA Levy will be appearing on the Kouga Municipality’s utility bills for those rate payers within the demarcated area with effect from July 2018. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing brief newsletters to answer some of the questions which are...

June 2018 Newsletter

UPDATE ON WHO’S WHO IN ST FRANCIS PROPERTY OWNERS The St Francis Property Owners Committee is an elected committee, chaired by Wayne Furphy with Chris Gray as vice chairman which represents the interests of residents and property owners of St Francis Bay....

May 2018 Newsletter

Greetings to all St Francis Bay property owners and residents St Francis Property Owners is a volunteer organisation committed to promoting and enhancing the living environment of our town and to ensure that the area is well represented when dealing with...

April 2018 Newsletter

Greetings to all St Francis Bay property owners and residents, and welcome to all our property owners, residents and visitors who are holidaying here over Easter. Please remember that we have a water crisis so we remind everyone to be careful and...